Fume Collectors is small self-contained units available in horizontal, vertical and portable arrangements utilized for general ventilation or localized fume control.  The ACS Optivent range can be adapted to suite any work environment in the welding- and cutting industry.

In a nutshell:

  • Available in Pulse Jet- or Manual Cleaning Units.
  • High filtration efficiency.
  • Available in small to large arrangements.
  • Suitable for light to heavy fume concentrations.
  • User-friendly and easy maintenance
  • Modern design adaptable to minimal space requirements.

Fume collectors – an effective solution for a safer workshop

Small businesses and workshops generally do not adequately safeguard their workshops from these pollutants.  There are no shortcuts in safety and it is essential to capture the fume before reaching the worker’s breathing zone.  This is what the ACS Optivent range of fume collectors does.  It enables you as the employer to provide this level of safety in the work environment.

Fume collectors helps to eliminate dangerous welding fumes, one of the most common pollutants in small factories

Welding fumes contain manganese and inhaling this chemical in small quantities over a period of time causes brain & nervous system damage, which is closely related to Parkinson’s disease.  This disease makes it difficult to move, walk, causes shaking & loss of muscle control.  Sadly the minimum legal amount exposure allowed by governments is toxic enough to cause permanent damage over a period of time.

The value of fume collectors can therefore not be measured in money because it is a vital safe guarder.  Furthermore, it contributes greatly to the elimination of workplace fires, -explosions, -labourer poisoning through chemical fumes and chemical deposits.

Fume collectors is a user-friendly option for small or large workshops

The  Optivent Fume Collectors are suitable for small workshops or large factories with various allocated sections, for example welding, grinding, cutting, soldering, painting, and chemical preparation.

Some units are mounted on wheels and can easily be moved around in the workshop to “suck in” paint fumes, welding fumes and chemical dusts.  The retraction arm of our fume collectors can be easily maneuvered and this user-friendly quality promotes safety behaviour of labourers.  In other words it ensures that labourers will make use of this device and make it part of their daily safety protocol.

Optivent Fume collectors by ACS Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa
A Fume Collector utilised in a large factory

Another user-friendly quality is that the extraction arm can be mounted away from the fixed collector and interconnected with ducting.  This feature is an excellent solution for optimizing space requirements.

Furthermore, general ventilation or area control is often the only alternative in large fabrication bays where overhead cranes and large weldments preclude fixed or mobile local control devices, however a combined solution has proved to be the most efficient.