Mobile Dust Extraction is Plug & Play Units

The advantage of the plug and play functionality that Mobile Dust Extraction Units offers

In a practical sense, it is not really worthwhile to cover your whole workshop with dust extracting units everywhere, due to the change in work setup and enormous costs involved. Nevertheless, seemingly complicated air pollution problems can often be solved with simple mobile dust extraction solutions. Some factory workshops change their workspace or setup continuously due to the physical size of construction or maintenance. Portable dust extraction units offer a flexible, versatile solution to some of these problems. Mobile dust extraction units are simply rolled in place and the extraction arms manoeuvred to capture dust and for example welding fumes from the source. Long flexible plastic pipes area also used to make it quick & easier to reach difficult areas, like welding inside a confined space e.g. a container. Alternatively, dust extracting units can be permanently mounted on walls or floors and a vast amount of options are available to customize your solution.

In a nutshell:

  • Plug and play ready.
  • Choose between automatic or mechanical cleaning with or without compressed air.
  • Various options are available including Extraction Arms, Extraction hood (Spotlight can be mounted in the hood), floor stand, brackets for wall mounting, fans, automatic damper, silencer.
  • Dust Containers and filters are removable to allow emptying, cleaning and replacement.
  • Flexible ducting hose can be connected instead of arm.
  • High filtration efficiency. ACS offers a variety of filter media.
  • Easy operation and maintenance friendly.
  • Space saving and optimizing properties.
  • Built to be reliable.
A Paint fume Mobile Dust Extraction Unit by Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
A Mobile Dust Extraction Unit designed to extract paint fumes.

The effectiveness of Mobile Dust Extraction Units

The effectiveness of these mobile dust extraction units cannot be judged on the physical size of these machines. Superior design and improvements ensure that high separation efficiencies are achieved for all types of dry dust and fumes, for ex welding fumes, metal oxides, pigments, lime and grinding dust. We have a series of models to choose from which will meet your specific need. Air Cleaning Systems will assist you with advice regarding what model will work best for your work setup. A mechanical engineer in a small workshop for example can drag his mobile dust extraction unit to different points where he grinds and welds. Mobile dust extraction units can be furnished with automatic and manual filter cleaning devices including compressed air pulsation (see page “cartridge-dust-collectors”) and shaker mechanisms.