Industrial air pollution is a common result of most plant operations that can be further defined as small-particle pollution, fumes, mist, dust or fugitive dust.  Workshop air quality has become a priority despite health and safety laws and is an essential factor in effective operations and quality product outcome.  The need for atmospheric air filtration therefore exists in most industries.  We call it atmospheric air filtration & ventilation and we offer solutions for different applications.  These range from fan filters to cleaning air for compressor intake namely Machinery Intake Systems, as well as Pressurizing Systems for general workshop ventilation and supplying clean air to pressurize factories.

Our fan filters are specifically designed to provide clean, unidirectional supply air at controlled discharge velocities for clean room environments. These units come standard with many useful features and can be customized with standard or special options to suit virtually any project.


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filter unit of fan filter unit at an insulation curing plant by ACS Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
External fan and silencers of a filter unit at an Insulation Curing Plant


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Pressurizing system air handling unit at coil manufacturing plant build by ACS Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Coil Manufacturing Plant – Air Handling Unit


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self cleaning compressor intake system build by ACS Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Self cleaning compressor intake system – screw compressor

Air Cleaning Systems will determine the air velocity or flow rate you need, we take into account the noise criteria of your application, will provide the best suited power supply and will engineer a system that will compliment and protect the electronics of your plant.