Dust Control & Air Filtration for all applications and plant sizes

Air Cleaning Systems operates in the extensive field  of air pollution control and specifically in the Industrial Ventilation Industry.  We are committed to provide quality engineered and -standardized Dust Control- and Air Filtration Systems as well as installations.

The air quality of most plants plays a substantial role in work shop efficiency.  Air control is also an important function in industries where atmospheric dust and other contaminants have a negative impact on the quality of the manufacturing process or manufactured product.  Air Cleaning Systems is able to provide the best engineered dust control or air filtration product even if it requires implementation of a performance -efficiency configuration for your special project or plant before decisions are made.

Air Cleaning Systems incorporates the latest technology.

Where applicable, our dust control and air filtration systems are mostly low maintenance machines with user-friendly functions including:

  • Self-cleaning and/or extra washability options and/or twist-lock washable cartridges
  • Easy access for filter replacements as well as stubborn dust options and different filter arrangements adapting to individual plant needs
  • Improved down-flow design and best pressure drop available
  • High air filtration efficiency with minimum re-entrainment of dust
  • Modular construction that easily adapts to existing installations
  • Explosion proof electrical equipment
  • Modern design with minimal floor space requirements as well as portable options
  • Cost-effective & durable designs

Our dedication to provide reliable, durable & efficient solutions forms the backbone of the outstanding range of products that has been developed over the last 15 years. As a result we are excited to take our customers along as we embark to present a range of uniquely engineered solutions characterised by fresh designs that has proven itself in its field to produce unexpected results!

Services in the dust control field provided by Air Cleaning Systems

Our solutions are based on proven technology and encompass a broad spectrum of special engineered equipment in order to offer a competitive Dust Control System, Air Filtration System, Industrial Fan, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and/or Professional Ducting. Drawings are prepared using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Drafting Systems. This ensures fast, accurate and consistent generation of manufacturing drawings against specific order requirements. It further enables us to instantly incorporate any design changes or improvements applicable.  Furthermore, our sales division and engineers work closely together with clients to establish specific needs and requirements.

Services we offer on all our dust control-, air filtration- and industrial fan products are as follows...







South Africa - National Service Delivery

With our offices and factory in Krugersdorp, Air Cleaning Systems provides quality products throughout South Africa. Our products and services have also crossed the national borders and reached as far as Zimbabwe. With a great diversity of successful projects in our portfolio and a fast-growing workshop facility, our sales division are ready and confident to handle enquiries all over South Africa.

About  Air Cleaning Systems

Air Cleaning Systems was established in 2007 and since have achieved tremendous growth in most aspects of the Industrial Ventilation field. Since our inception special effort was made to broaden our field of expertise and to be a manufacturer & total solutions provider of Dust Control- & Air Filtration Systems, Industrial Fans, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Ducting.

Our policy of continuous product improvement and research has aided in the development of various products exclusively available from Air Cleaning Systems.

The company recently expanded its in house manufacturing facility by moving to larger premises and the addition of various machine tools to simplify production processes. This was part of our vision to shorten turnaround time and improve quality and cost efficiency.

Clients of Air Cleaning Systems

As a trusted engineering and manufacturing company, Air Cleaning Systems has a history of recurring clients that seeks challenging air control solutions.    We have provided dust control solutions for mines , welding and cutting  manufacturers, tyre manufacturers, metal recycling plants, spray painting services and earth moving machinery.   We have also been a proud solutions provider for Atmospheric Air Filtration & Ventilation challenges for instance to Transformer Coil Manufacturing and Insulation Curing.