Air Cleaning Systems supply dust extraction systems in several types, designs, shapes and sizes that have proofed to be effective in capturing light to heavy dust loads of paint fumes, welding fumes, saw dust, fugitive dust and other air pollutants.   They are engineered and crafted on a turnkey basis to meet the requirements of most applications in all industries.  To ensure customer satisfaction the final engineering and drafting is done based on individual application requirements.

Dust control impacts workshop- & employee efficiency 

In a nutshell:

Combining our industry-leading dust control systems helps increase air quality and again increase manufacturing efficiencies.   A substantial rising in the air quality of a work environment is directly related to maximised efficiency; and employees functioning at their peak.  Our experienced sales engineer will guide you as to which dust extraction system or combination of dust collectors will best suit the needs of your work environment  - a choice will be made between the following dust extraction systems:  Baghouses, Cartridge filters, Fume collector, Cyclones, Spray Booths and Portable dust extraction units.

Refurbishment of existing dust extraction systems

Alongside the engineering and manufacturing of completely new dust extraction systems we offer refurbishments of existing dust collectors.  Our quality refurbishments are based on leak tests and surveys in order to establish the performance and condition of your current dust extraction system.

Manufacturer and supplier of products ancillary to your dust extraction system

Air Cleaning Systems provides the products needed for maintenance and refurbishments of your dust control units,  ducting and filters.  This includes hopper discharge devices such as double flap valves, rotary vane feeders and slide gates.   It also includes among others fan control dampers and pulse controllers.  For more information and photos visit Double flap valves, Rotary vane feeders, Slide gates, Fan control dampers, Pulse Controllers and Replacement filters.