ACS Baghouse Collectors

Our dependable, robust baghouse have an effective down-flow design that improves the collection of heavy to light dust particles.  Unlike standard air filters, these bag filters are made from strong fibre that can withstand high temperatures, pressure and  collect a broad variety of coarse dust like: saw-, coal-, grain- and metal dust.

In a nutshell:

  • High collection efficiency and emissions conforming to legal requirements.
  • Automatic, continuous pulse-jet cleaning of filter media.
  • Flexible: Wide range of applications, filter media and -sizes.
  • Heavy-duty construction for extreme industrial environments.
  • Modern design with minimal floor space requirements.
  • Suitable for light to heavy dust loads.

Advantages of using a baghouse dust extraction system

Baghouses are capable of continuously filtering enormous air volumes at high speeds for a couple of hours and is favourable at big industrial plants. Apart from establishing a safe- and healthy work environment, baghouse dust extraction depending on the type of application, may provide the added financial benefit of recovering tons of fine dust that is produced in any given manufacturing process (paint-, glass- or copper dust).  The recovered matter can be recycled and utilised to recover costs.  In some industrial processes the baghouse collector is used as a pre-phase air filter to capture the coarse dust particles and is coupled in tandem to a secondary finer air cleaner.

A rotary vane feeder used in a baghouse by ACS air cleaning systems - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
A square-type Rotary Vane Feeder used in a ACS Baghouse. Air Cleaning Systems uses quality ancillary products with specialised consideration of application requirements.

Self cleaning function

The ACS baghouse dust extraction system excels the general systems in that it is equipped with a pulse-jet self cleaning function, which makes it almost maintenance free, enabling production plants to operate continuously without any disruption in the workflow.  This self cleaning function includes effective and continuous reconditioning of the bag filters without disrupting the airflow and production tempo.

Our custom baghouse designs leave no gap for wasting unnecessary space or materials.  ACS is noted for its reliability and superior performance, which improves productivity in every work environment.