ACS Cyclones

ACS Cyclones features a versatile, low cost solution to many dust control problems.  It may be used as a primary collector for dusts of moderate to coarse particle sizes. Cyclones can also function as an excellent pre-cleaner to final collectors, reducing the particle size and dust loads to the latter.

The intermediate cyclone is a lower-energy consumption separator, which makes it a viable option for certain industries. Lower air pressure is needed for operation of this air control system, which keeps the costs and maintenance lower simply because less power is needed for low air pressure.

In a nutshell:

  • Our cyclone dust controls can be applied in a wide variety of operations where dry collection is desired.
  • High capacity, yet compact in size resulting in a durable, yet economical solution for your air control challenges.
  • Recovery of dust by the cyclone, can be a valuable product in reusable form.  The value of funds of the recovered material can cover the cost of the cyclone in the long run.
  • Valuable as a pre-cleaner or -collector lowering the overall operating- and maintenance cost of a complete air pollution control system.
  • Many Optional Features can be incorporated.
  • Can be used in high pressure and/or high temperature conditions

ACS Improvements

Air Cleaning Systems are committed to the engineering and manufacturing of effective air cleaning systems and improvements is what makes our products more cost-effective.  The secret to the effectiveness of our cyclones lies in the centrifugal fan used.  Pivotal design improvements to the centrifugal fan, increases the ability to separate coarse dust from air.

Application specific cyclones

Using an engineering and manufacturing company like ACS for your air cleaning needs has its cost-effective advantages especially when it comes to the implementation of air control machines.  Implementation of pre-fabricated machines always has to deal with adjustment-, expansion- and complication issues.  With ACS you will have peace of mind that those issues are addressed already during the engineering, selection and construction stages and as a result implementation is usually highly successful.  Furthermore, ACS follows strict safety procedures and keeps close site supervision during the construction phase.  The success of each project is just as important for us as for you, therefore follow-ups and site inspections are done until we are satisfied.

Installation of Cyclones by ACS Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Cyclone installation – The success of each project is just as important for us as for you, therefore follow-ups and site inspections are done until we are satisfied!

Cyclone Accessories

ACS offers a variety of optional dust control equipment to meet customer requirements.  These may incorporate inspection doors, dust receivers, scroll outlets, weather caps, rotary feeders, support stands and more.

Construction Details

Our cyclones and other related air control systems comprise of Heavy-duty welded construction that ensures low maintenance and long life-span.  Our units are designed to withstand high negative pressures.  Optional heavy-duty construction can be furnished including rubber lining, wear plates and abrasion resistant materials.