ACS Spray Booths

Control of airborne pollutants by ventilation is accomplished through the use of spray booths and enclosures.  Accomplishing clean ‘paint fume’-safe air in a spray-paint workshop has an enormous benefit both for the health of the work environment and the final product outcome.  The build-up of hazardous paint fumes due to spray painting in a confined space should be eliminated as far as possible, because as the density of paint fumes increase the toxicity, combustibility and staining also increase.

In a nutshell:  

  • High filtration efficiency and protection against paint build-up.
  • Optional Filter-air supply.
  • Explosion & fire damage protection on motors & fan impellers.
  • User-friendly & quick filter exchange.

Paint fumes are very dangerous to your health and should not be inhaled at all!  Car paint for example contains isocyanides, which is absorbed through your skin, eyes and lungs.  The most concentrated isocyanides enters the painter’s system when he is mixing the paint without any protection.  The human body cannot dissolve paint chemicals, and as a result they sit in the lungs and essentially stop the lungs from receiving air.  Long-term complications are emphysema, asthma, skin ailments liver and kidney disease.


Benefit of spray booths to the work environment

…to capture over-spray and minimize the inhalement of paint fumes & dust.  Down-flow and/or cross-flow of air are provided depending on the application and size of the equipment.  At one side of the booth or top, air is blown to force the air and paint fumes in the direction to the suction area.  In this fashion, toxic paint fumes never reach the painter’s face.

Four meter plus overspray type spray booth Spray booth by ACS Air Cleaning Systems, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Spray booth extraction system

Benefit of spray booths to the final product outcome

In some applications where the quality of the painting surface is important, clean filtered air is supplied to pressurize the booth and minimize atmospheric dust on the product saving the company precious time and money to fix spray errors due to dirt!  Furthermore, the speed and the accuracy of paint drying can be monitored and controlled by temperature conditioned air flow.  The result the spray-painted end product is much more professional and satisfying.

Construction Details

Carefully selected fume collectors effectively remove paint fumes, paint-overspray, all types of paint-lacquer and protects exhaust ducts, fans and motors from paint build-up. Specialized flame-proof motors, anti-static fan impellers and fire dampers are incorporated to safe-guard the operators and equipment against explosion and fire damage.