Prevention is better than cure!  Keeping unwanted dust & fumes out of anti-static production line environments equipped with a pressurizing systems can save millions. E.g. a dust particle entering a central processor unit during manufacturing will ruin the chip, which could have been sold for $500.  Laboratories where chemical experiments are made need a clinical environment.  A certain concentration of negative electrostatic charged dust and oxygen can cause a fire when electro-charged dust particles are suddenly discharged.

These air filtration systems pressurize a space or room by drawing air from outside, cleaning the air, and then discharging the air to the space.  The room is like an inflated balloon with clean air. Air leakage will be from the higher pressure space within the room to the lower pressure surrounding environment.  This prevents unwanted outside contaminants from entering the space.

In a nutshell:

  • High filtration efficiency with single-, two- or multi-phase filters. Designed to be sturdy and support a significant amount of dust.
  • Filtered air meets the highest levels of particulate cleanliness due to the final filter bank’s high efficiency.
  • Optimize workplace productivity and minimize product- and environment damage.
  • Available in different arrangements with the air handling unit, pre-filter, after-filter & high efficiency final filter as the basic parts.
  • Easy operation and maintenance. Pressure gauges indicate when the particulate filters (being the pre-filter and high efficiency filters) need to be replaced.
  • VARIOUS OPTIONS are available including but not limited to:

–  Internally-mounted centrifugal fan(s) with backward curved blades and a variable speed control, if not supplied as part of the pressurizing unit

–  Dampers with a pressure control gauge

–  Weather louvers

–  Air tempering equipment

–  Electronic instrumentation and controls


These pressurizing systems find their application in industries where atmospheric dust and other contaminants have a negative impact on the quality of the process or manufactured product. Pressurizing systems can also be used to condition the temperature of the air to make it more comfortable for the workers, which will enhance their effectiveness and productivity.


Coil Manufacturing Plant – Air Handling System
Pressurizing System – Coil Manufacturing Plant
Coil Manufacturing Plant – Air Handling Unit
Pressurizing System – Coil Manufacturing Plant